With more than 30 years in the Scheduled Wastes recycling business in Malaysia, we offer our services from the biggest multinational corporations in the world to the smaller local industries, true value for money responsible waste disposal/handling services.

Our team has always been striving to provide excellent Scheduled Wastes recycling or handling services. Our goal since incorporation of our Scheduled Wastes handling services, has always remained to provide peace of mind to all our clients who choose us as their Scheduled Waste handling partner. We make all efforts to our clients to simplify Scheduled Waste disposal.

As such, our ultimate aim is to provide our clients the luxury to focus on their main missions and visions that we are aware are to excel in their manufacturing processes and not to be distracted by potential irresponsible Scheduled Wastes disposal.

Scheduled Waste Management

We are the pioneers in the recycling of petrochemicals in Malaysia with a long history dating more than 30 years. As a major entity in the handling of Scheduled Wastes that are petrochemicals in origin and certain other liquids and solid wastes, we are well equipped to accommodate huge quantities of Scheduled Wastes.

We are among the licensed contractors for Scheduled Wastes with the largest capacities licensed by the Malaysian Department of Environment for the categories of Scheduled Wastes we are permitted to handle.

Our clients range from the biggest companies and corporates in the world down to smaller local SME.

All our operations are operated under the supervision of two Certified Professional Scheduled Wastes Managers (CEPSWAM) which we put high priority on.

Below are Scheduled Waste Codes that we specialise in:

  • SW305 – Spent lubricating oil
  • SW306 – Spent hydraulic oil
  • SW307 – Spent mineral oil-water emulsion
  • SW314 – Oil or sludge from refinery plant
  • SW322 – Waste of non-halogenated organic solvents
  • SW323 – Waste of halogenated organics solvents
  • SW409 – Used containers
  • SW410 – Used rags, papers or filters
  • SW417 – Waste of inks or paints

Toll Manufacturing

Our group initially started as a chemical process development, chemical contract manufacturing and toll manufacturing company to certain industry sectors that may prefer to outsource their chemical manufacturing processes for strategic reasons.

Being in toll and contract manufacturing for nearly 40 years, we totally understand the sensitivities of information relating to its processes. We understand that confidential formulation/information given to us should remain just as that – confidential.

Our businesses are testament to our commitment to the protection of intellectual property rights of our clients. We have never capitalised on any formulations or chemical processes knowledge gained. We are a name you can trust with your IP rights.

Our toll manufacturing services includes our experience in more complex esterification, emulsification, oxidation, dehydration, liquid mass transfer and distillation processes amongst other activities to simpler blending for our clients.

Our equipment and services list include:

  • Glass Lined Reactors
  • Stainless Steel Reactors
  • Distillation Systems
  • Stainless Steel Blending Tanks
  • Filtration Facilities
  • Packaging Facilities
  • Laboratory Facilities
  • Wastes/By-Product Management Services

Our approach is very flexible and we are able to provide our clients with a broad spectrum of services.

Emergency Response Service

We can have many procedures or contingencies in any operations, however, we cannot deny that there arises a potential chance of error. We have a trained Emergency Response Unit that can be deployed to address incidents such as chemical spills to our clients. We offer such services to our clients in best endeavour.


Equipment List:

  1. 2 Units of Mobile Emergency Wagon
  2. Spill Containment Equipment
  3. Drum containment Equipment
  4. Traffic Control Equipment
  5. Personal Protective Equipment (Including Respiratory Protective Equipment)
  6. Spill Absorbent Materials
  7. Spilled Material Transfer Equipment
  8. Spillage Clean Up Materials