Solvents and Oils

Our group offers a diverse range of chemical products in Malaysia. Our product range includes recycled products such as recycled solvents, recycled oils and also virgin prime products.

While we make no false claims that our recycled solvents or oils are of equal quality with virgin products, we place great importance to quality control to consistently deliver high quality but lower priced alternative or recycled solvents/oils to our clients.

A growing part of our product range also includes non-recycled virgin chemicals. We also source chemicals from other chemical manufacturers or traders both locally and internationally.


Product Description

Numeric 2 – Ethyl Hexanol
A Acetone
Alcohols (Industrial Applications With Various Blends/Types)
Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Aromatic White Spirit
B Butanol (I-Butanol and N-Butanol)
Butyl Acetate
Butyl Carbitol
Butyl Cellosolve
C Carbon Black
Cleaning Thinner
Cutting Oils
D Daphne Cleaners (Recycled)
Degreasers (Various Special Blends)
Denatured Alcohol
Diethylene Glycol
E Ethanol (Recycled and Denatured)
Ethyl Acetate
Ethylene Glycol
F Fuel Oils (Industrial Fuels With Various Grades For Different Applications)
Fuel Oils (Marine Fuels with ISO 8217 Certification)
G General Oils (Various Grades For Different Applications)
Glycols (Various Glycol Mixtures For Different Applications)
H 2 –  Ethyl Hexanol
Hydrocarbons (Various Blends For Different Applications)
Hydrogen Peroxide (Various Concentrations)
I Iso Butanol
Iso Butyl Acetate
Iso Paraffin
Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA)
K Kerosene
L Liquid Detergents and Surfactants
Liquid Hand Soap
Lube Oil
Lubricants (Various Grades For Different Applications)
M Methanol
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)
Methylene Chloride
Mixed Hydrocarbons (Various Blends For Different Applications)
Mono Ethylene Glycol
N N – Methyl – 2 – Pyrrolidone (NMP)
N – Butanol
Nonylphenol Ethoxylates ( NP 40, 6, 9, 10, etc.)
O Octanol
Oils (Industrial Applications in Various Grades)
OXO Oils
P Paint Removers (Industrial Applications)
Paraffin Oil
Paraffinic Solvents
Poly Ethylene Glycol (PEG)
Propylene Glycol
R Reconol Range Of Oils
Recycled Oil (Various Grades For Different Applications)
Recycled Solvent (Various Grades For Different Applications)
S Solrec Range Of Solvents
Solvents (Various Blends)
Solvent White Spirit
Stamping Oil
T Tensil Range Of Detergents
Thinners (Various Blends For Different Applications)
U – Z Washing Chemicals (Various Blends)
White Spirit