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Fuel Oil

We are among the earliest to promote use of alternative fossil derived fuels on a large scale in Malaysia. Our group offers various blends of fuel oils both for industrial use and also marine fuels. Most of them are special blends meant for specific needs. As the alternative fuel oil market in Malaysia has reached maturity, our approach and focus to the Malaysian market is no longer on volume and quantity. We place great importance on the quality of our fuels as we are well aware that irresponsible blending of fuel components by certain parties to reduce costs will cause many mechanical/production issues for the user.

We have included some of our fuel parameters for reference purposes. Please contact us to enquire what ChemSpec Fuels may do for you and we can suggest the most suitable blend for your applications.


Product Description

Industrial Fuel Oil Sample Parameters

Parameters Unit Of Measurement Readings
Density @ 15˚C Kg/m³ 0.9407
Sulphur % (m/m) 0.04 %
Flash Point ˚C ≤ 55˚C
Water Content % Volume 0.25 %
Sediment by Extraction % (m/m) 0.017 %
Pour Point ˚C –          69˚C
Gross Calorific Value kJ/kg 44, 500
Viscosity at 25˚C mm²/s 4.0


Marine Fuel Oil Sample Parameters

Parameters Unit of Measurement Results
Kinematic Viscosity @ 50˚C Mm²/s 8.277
Density Kg/m³ < 900
CCAI < 850
Sulphur % (m/m) 0.261
Flash Point ˚C 68
Hydrogen Sulphide mg/kg <0.6
Acid Number mg KOH/g 0.2
Total Sediment Potential % (m/m) 0.01
Carbon Residue % (m/m) 5.18
Pour Point ˚C -42
Water Volume % <0.05
Ash mass % 0.028
Vanadium mg/kg <1
Sodium mg/kg 15
Alumunium plus Silicon mg/kg 2
Zinc mg/kg 2
Calcium mg/kg 10
Phosphorus mg/kg 1


Important Note : The parameters tested are typical parameters. Actual results may differ.