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The heroic act of firefighters to save people in dangerous situations while putting their own lives at stake does truly deserve our great respect. CSSB is proud to pay our humble respect to these heroes by working in collaboration with Jabatan Bomba Dan Penyelamat Malaysia and Kementerian Kesejahteraan Bandar, Perumahaan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan (Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government) on a TV series titled: Hero. The film depicts real-life sacrifices of our firefighters in their line of duty.

HERO RTM2 - Episode 9

World Environment Day Participation


Our group is honoured to be invited by the Malaysian Department of Environment (Jabatan Alam Sekitar) to perform an accidental hazardous waste spillage response and containment scenario while hazardous wastes are in transit on public roads. We also shared with other fellow Scheduled Wastes contractors on the tools and equipment that we place in our trucks that are laden with hazardous wastes to contain spillages in our best endeavour.

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary Project


We have been actively contributing to the turtle sanctuary. During recent years, Malaysia has seen a significant drop in marine turtle populations and we are strong advocates for the conservation of marine turtles in Malaysia. Our group also adopt turtle nests as part of our conservation efforts.

Sungai Che Wang Jetty Project


CSSB and TSB have jointly provided some basic building materials and also manpower to assist the local fishermen at Sungai Che Wang in Port Klang to build and repair jetties with the objective to improve the livelihood of the fishermen in that area. In return for our provisions, we have requested for the commitment of the local fishermen to engage in more responsible and sustainable fishing activities.